This site is dedicated to the Jewish people who the Al-mighty has blessed with His greatest gift, the Torah. Every generation has plummeted the depths of holiness contained within and reverently passed it's sacred message to the generation to follow. Our saintly Rabbi's have carefully analyzed every word, every letter and even the small crowns which adorn each letter to explain the depth of her meaning. We invite you to join that unbroken chain of wisdom with the tools presented on our site.

The Talmudic Method

The Talmudic method of learning can only be captured in the study halls of the Yeshivot and Beitei Midrashim where the Rabbi's and students of Torah dwell. In this rarefied atmosphere of purity and holiness our Torah has been studied since it's very beginning in Mount Sinai. Here those dedicated to following Her great dictates pour over the written and Oral Law  investigating every minute detail of Her wisdom. Two great scholars of old Rabbi Yitzhak Canfantone and Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto wrote small works to assist the young student beginning his journey on the vast ocean of Talmud. Although different in style, their aim was the same, to organize a guide book of principles to understand the rules of the learning process. This site will showcase their efforts B'ezras Hashem.

Introduction to Talmud
The Ways of Reason
The Book of Logic
The Book of Rhetoric
The Ways of Talmud

 About learntalmud.org

When I first came to Eretz Yisroel, I went to a small yeshiva on Mount Zion where under the guidance of my Rabbi and Mentor Mordecai Goldstein shlita. He introduced me to three books which would help me enter the gates of Talmudic Wisdom in a systematic way. After many years of study, I would like to present these works to my fellow sojourner's to help them on their path to HaShem's wisdom. May it be His will that all His people quickly return to Eretz Yisroel and joyfully gather once again at His Holy Temple. Amen.